Things to keep in mind when you are picking your apartment floor plan.

If you are planning to invest in a luxury apartment in Colombo there are many things that you need to consider, such as the location, affordability, amenities and even the neighbourhood. Among all these, it is very important to pick the best floor plan to suit your lifestyle. The floor plan you pick mostly depends on whether you are living alone or with your family. There could be different apartment types in the same residential development with varying floor plans and layouts. It is always better to understand your requirements and find an apartment to suit all your needs. These are a few points that you could keep in mind during your apartment search.

Number of bedrooms

This is a consideration that depends on your lifestyle. Most of the luxury apartments in Colombo are catered to families, but if you are single, it is your choice to share the apartment with a roommate. The number of bedrooms changes the whole layout of the apartment. You should be very mindful in understanding the living space you are going to buy.

Do you want a workspace at home?

With the new norm of working from home, a lot of us are looking at creating workspaces at home. When you are sharing your apartment with your family it could be difficult to work from home, unless there is a dedicated area for you to work. Unless you could find an apartment with a layout where you could convert a particular area into a workspace it is always better to look for a spacious apartment.

Get to know the layouts

The overall flow of the apartment could affect the location of the rooms and the bathrooms. This could be a reason to consider your investment decision if you are going to share your apartment. However, most luxury apartments in Colombo have layouts where each bedroom has ensuite bathrooms. The flow of the apartment should suit, how you plan your furniture, interior and your lifestyle. For instance, if you enjoy entertaining your guests while you cook, you might have to look for an apartment with a more open kitchen concept as opposed to that’s more closed off from the living and dining rooms.

Understand the dimensions

This is one of the main things that you need to consider when looking for your new apartment. Being familiar with the dimensions of the apartment and the rooms you will be furnishing is critical. Will all your furniture fit in the living room? Are you able to buy new furniture to fit the apartment? All these are the main factors that you need to be aware of before taking over your new apartment.

How much furniture do you have?

Many of the luxury apartments in Colombo, has 1 – 2 bedroom apartment floor plans to choose from, which would give you varying amounts of living spaces to live or share with your family. If it is an unfurnished apartment and you are shifting with your furniture, you need to understand the floor plan better. If not, you could sell some and get new furniture to fit your apartment.

These are the key factors that you need to look for before you close the transaction. There are many upcoming residential developments in Colombo city. 447 Luna Tower is one such residential development, priced in LKR and back by the renowned Japanese developers Belluna Co Pvt Ltd, this apartment complex offers an assortment of 4 apartment types to suit your varying lifestyles. This is the newest addition among the Union place apartments.

Investing in a luxury apartment in Colombo is a major investment decision, which is why you should ensure that the investment meets all your requirements before you buy your dream apartment.