Tips to decorate your apartment

The new normal is social distancing, we spend most of our time indoors. So, styling up your apartment can be great idea to give your day a fresh start. There are many simple ways of brightening up your home space and we will list down few simple tips. Apartments in Colombo are small and cosy, so these tips will come in handy when you want to change the outlook of your apartment.

Decorate vertically

One of the first things you could do about your living room is to make it look spacious. To give your apartment a high – celling effect you could decorate it with vertical lines. This could be easily done with vertically striped wallpaper to make the living space look taller. You could also hang art in vertical lines and look at portrait shaped art pieces than landscape.

Choose your colours wisely

First start with neutral colours and then blend in the others, this will make your living space look sophisticated. It is important to make the walls and the celling have equivalent light colours, where the celling will blend with the other elements. Pick a quality paint which would give you a good coverage, which will keep you from using multiple coats, which will save a lot of your money.

Add houseplants to your shopping list

If you want your apartment to feel fresh and airy, houseplants are a must! But if you are working with less space, you might not be inclined to add these to your living room. But some houseplants can make rooms feel bigger. Aligned to the vertical decoration advice you should add some tall and lean plants and instead of bushy ones to avoid the clutter. Snake plants, fiddle leaf figs and monsteras are the best to give an airy spacious feel to your apartment, these will work as statement pieces once they grow into a considerable height.

Get creative with your work desk

With working from home becoming the office ethic, you could fit your workspace into your living room. The best idea is to find a narrow desk or a console instead of a desk altogether. As consoles are narrower and could serve multiple purposes, and would be available in various sizes and designs. If you still have a space issue in your apartment, you could get a high coffee table and use it as a makeshift desk with low seats.

Make a gallery wall

Bring all your memories, adventures, dreams on to an empty wall in your apartment. Hang up your photos, paintings, puzzles, or other kinds of art on a wall. This will give an interesting depth to your interior. A gallery wall helps you keep things in order, while adding more colour to your apartment.

With most of us spending time at home now a days, it is very important to keep our living space bright and beautiful. While living in an apartment in Colombo can be challenging at time with the space restrictions, you can decorate your apartment beautifully with these simple tips.